Northern Chile    2012.04.04-14:36:52.68    mb:-    Mwp:-    Mwpd:-    WL:- GREY

Earthquake details:
Magnitude: mb: 5.1X [1]    Mwp: - [0]    Mwpd: - [0]
Region: Northern Chile
Origin Time: 2012.04.04-14:36:52.68 UTC
Hypocenter: lat: -22.87°  lon: -69.80°   [+/-118km]    depth: 182km   [+/-97km]
Location Quality: stdErr:1.7s   assocPhases: 5   usedPhases: 5
minDist: 0.3°   maxDist: 71.9°   AzGap: 145°   2ndAzGap: 269°
Location Uncertainty: 68%ConfEllipse:   minHorUnc: 5km   maxHorUnc: 118km   azMaxHorUnc: 91°
68%ConfEllipsoid:   semiMajorAxisLength: 175km   majorAxisAzimuth: 91°   majorAxisPlunge: 33°   semiIntermediateAxisLength: 19km   intermediateAxisAzimuth: 281°   intermediateAxisPlunge: 56°   semiMinorAxisLength: 6km
Tsunamigeneic Assesment:
Discriminants: T50Ex: 0.1X [1]    Td: - [0]    WL: - [0] GREY    T0: 15.7X [1]
Tsunami evaluation: not available (Td*T50Ex Warning Level: GREY )
    (DISCLAIMER: Tsunamigenic evaluation is based on the value of the Td*T50Ex Warning Level. This evaluation only concerns the likelihood that this earthquake generated a regional or larger scale tsunami. This evaluation DOES NOT concern the size and effects of a possible tsunami, which depend on details of the earthquake source, ocean bathymetry, coastal distances and population density, and many other factors.) This evaluation DOES NOT apply to and DOES NOT EXCLUDE the possibility that this earthquake generated a local tsunami, which can be destructive along coasts within a 100 km or more from the earthquake epicenter.

First-motion Focal Mechanism:    (No solution available)
Nodal Plane 1: strike: 999°   dip: 99°   rake: 999°
Nodal Plane 2: strike: 180°   dip: 0°   rake: -90°
Quality: azimuthalGap: -902250453°   stationPolarityCount: 2   misfit: 0.99   stationDistributionRatio: 0.00   qualityCode: F
Method: methodID: smi:gov.usgs/focalmec/HASH_1.2

Event ID: 1333550212676
Event info last updated: 2012.04.04-15:37:01 UTC
Event first association/location: 2012.04.04-14:49:02 UTC
Software: Early-est 1.0.3 (2011.12.06)
Agency: INGV