Task 6 - Web interface and publication


Web applications have become progressively more and more important in recent years. They provide tools for visualization and interaction with dedicated and distributed software. In this project, we will exploit these capabilities to easy the user interaction with the software (e.g., source inversion, ShakeMap, point source moment tensor, ...) and to publish the results.


For the user interaction, we plan to develop web applications that will allow the users to interact with programs such as the moment tensor inversion code or the ShakeMap® package remotely and in a simplified manner. The goal is to put the operator in the position to carry out the revision of the results without being physically at the seismic center and by just using a lap-top connected to internet. A prototype of this type of application has been developed already within the DPC-S4 2005-07 project for the moment tensor. We plan to extend this web application to the other basic software on which the project relies.
For publication of the results, the objective is to publish on an web portal (the iisn.it domain, Italian Integrated Seismic Network, has been already reserved) the standard shakemaps. This domain has been already reserved and publication is expected to replicate to great extent what is published on the cisn.org web site in California. The published pages will be filled essentially with the results of the standard analysis performed in the Task 2 of the project.